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Training is just one part of athletic success. Dedication, passion, initiative, and “toughness” are all common attributes of accomplished athletes. At Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods we recognize one characteristic of great athletes that’s often overlooked - selflessness. Great athletes often sacrifice their own bodies in the pursuit of athletic success. Great athletes have the ability to put teammates and/or the sport above their own needs. And the truly great athlete considers their environment and community. At Manitoba Harvest we applaud the great athlete! A great athlete needs to be healthy & strong - which starts with diet.  

Hemp foods contain protein and omegas to help fuel great athletes. Hemp foods are also loaded with other nutrients that will help keep you at the top of your game. To support great athletes, we created our Hemp Fuelled Athlete program. 

Hemp Fuelled Athletes are “great athletes” - ambassadors for their sport, selflessly considering the larger environment and community. The program provides complimentary hemp foods to our team of approved Hemp Fuelled Athletes.

If you feel you are a “great athlete” and want to become a Hemp Fuelled Athlete, please complete the form below. Please note: We have very little turnover in our program and only review submissions 2-3 times a year.

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