Unsweetened Original Hemp Bliss - 946ml

Made from organic hemp seeds, our unsweetened option contains no added sugar or sweetener but still contains the great nutty flavor you desire.
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Deliciously creamy and nutritious.

  • Super creamy - blissfully rich taste and texture.
  • Packed with omegas - more omegas than other non-dairy beverages.
  • Easy to use - drink on its own (hot or cold), add to cereal or smoothies, or use as a dairy replacement.
  • Certified Organic - the only Organic hemp beverage currently on the market.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Bliss Organic Non-Dairy Beverage is a blissful substitute for dairy milk. Drink on its own either hot or cold. Try a Hemp Bliss latte as Hemp Bliss froths well due to its rich omega profile. Add Hemp Bliss to smoothies or other recipes.

Made by basically blending Hemp Hearts with water, Hemp Bliss is packed with omegas and other nutrients. See how Hemp Bliss compares to other non-dairy beverages [insert link to product comparison page]. Once opened, store Hemp Bliss in the fridge for up to a week (if it lasts that long).