Cherlyn Rumsey on managing transitions with grace and self-care

Cherlyn Rumsey sitting in a sunlit room on a couch with a sleeping dog on her lap

Cherlyn Rumsey is a Greenville, South Carolina-based health and wellness enthusiast who shares plant-based recipes and wellness tips and insights on her Wildly Wholesome website and on Instagram at @wildlywholesome.

We sat down with her to get the skinny on how CBD can support sleep and ease physical and emotional turbulence during menstruation, and how to manage life and seasonal transitions with awareness and self-love.

Hi Cherlyn! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.
I live in Greenville with my fiancé and our puppy Leo, who I’m pretty obsessed with. I was born and raised here. I got my degree in nutrition and dietetics last May from Winthrop University, which is about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte.

What drew you to that area of study?
I’ve always felt drawn to a healthy lifestyle. My mom was always an example of being healthy and she always worked out and raised us on organic food. She took me to my first yoga class when I was eight!

When I was 18, I started thinking more seriously about my own health because my dad has health issues. And I learned that you can reverse it with a plant-based diet and things like omega-3s that are really good for your heart. I wanted to start taking care of my own body. So I started reading nerdy science books and blogs, started working out for the first time and transferred from community college to Winthrop University.

I loved studying nutrition but I didn’t want to become a dietitian, which is the usual route with that degree. I just knew with all my heart that that wasn’t for me.

What did you do instead?
I didn’t want to work in a hospital, so when I graduated I became a manager of a juice bar in Greenville. I worked there for about six months and got drained and overworked. I quit in March, and I’ve been doing Wildly Wholesome full-time ever since.

As an entrepreneur there are a lot of pros and cons but the pros outweigh the cons for sure.

Wow! Transitioning into entrepreneurship pretty much right out of college is quite the bold move. What’s your vision for Wildly Wholesome?
I want to share the health and wellness knowledge and passion I got from my degree as a blogger and through videos and other platforms. So that means sharing a lot of healthy recipes and food inspiration. I’m also a huge non-toxic beauty fan, and I share insights around intuitive movement and listening to your body.

Food, self-love and non-toxic living are my three main areas of focus. Wildly Wholesome lets me share my knowledge in a broader way than if I were just working with clients one-on-one. I’ve also always wanted a job that would allow me to be creative, and this definitely does that.

Amazing! So how has it been going?
Some days it’s great, and some days I question everything. But overall, I’m just so excited. I’ve never been this happy. I’m really grateful I studied nutrition.I have my business and my dog and all my dreams are happening.

It’s easy for me to get really caught up in worrying about the future and “What’s the next big step?” but I try to take everything one day at a time. I have big goals, but every day I take one step at a time to get to those big goals, or it’s too easy to get overwhelmed by them. My fiancé and I are planning to get married before the end of this year, so there are lots of big transitions in my life, for sure.

Excellent segué! Let’s talk about transitions a little more. August is a time of year when so many of us are getting ready to ramp up for the busy season ahead, whether that’s the school year or work-related travel and activities. When you were a student, how did you manage the emotional and logistical challenges of those “calm before the storm” periods?
One big thing that helped me during the transition into the school year was just really being proactive about planning. Every Sunday, I’d sit down and plan out my workouts and lunches. That saved me so much brain space: I know what my workout is going to be, my meal prep is done, etc. So I had more time and bandwidth to focus on my studies.

During college, I’d put on a face mask and sit down with my planner every Sunday and figure out my week. All majors are stressful, but my chemistry classes in particular could be so overwhelming, so everything I could plan ahead of time was so helpful.

“Self-care Sundays” sounds cliche, but it worked for me.

Any tips for maintaining that spirit of self-care when things ramp up and get really busy and stressful?

Sleep is probably my number one non-negotiable. It’s a night and day difference if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. I have a blog post with my five tips for a better night’s rest, because I struggled in college with stress about the next day’s classes and my studies, and I really had to get serious about making a little routine for myself. Things like incorporating CBD and magnesium and lavender essential oil. Making a routine with these little things gets your mind ready to go to sleep at night. Another big thing that helped me was listing out what I had to do the next day, to get it out of my brain and onto paper. I really don’t recommend college students do all-nighters. That’s rough.

What has your experience been with using CBD?
I first started using CBD for sleep back in college, almost two years ago. Now I use it if I’m feeling anxious and again sometimes for sleep, as needed. One thing I find it really helpful for is during “that time of the month.” I’d rather reach for CBD than Ibuprofen any day.

It helps with day-to-day pain and stress, and it helps me calm down for sleep. I recommend it to so many people. It has that calming effect that’s not anything like a “high” — it just feels like it calms down your nervous system. It doesn’t make you sleepy or feel weird; you can just continue on with your day in a calmer manner.

How do you like to incorporate CBD into your day?
I typically use tinctures. If I wake up feeling stressed, I’ll add it to my morning coffee and use it again before sleep, taking some drops right under my tongue before sleep. I have softgels as well, and I’ll take those three times a day in the days around my period. We’re so inflamed at that time, and it really works wonders. One of my friends has endometriosis and had horrible cramps; she said that CBD is the only thing that has worked naturally and well for her.

That’s fantastic. We love to hear how people are starting to realize the potential of hemp to support their health and wellbeing. As a nutrition expert, what are your thoughts on hemp from a dietary perspective?
I love hemp hearts! I put them in everything. Flax and chia seeds have a similar nutrient profile, but hemp hearts are so much tastier and so much easier to add to everything. They have an almost creamy texture. And they have omegas, and have all the amino acids, which is rare in plant-based protein sources.I’m not vegan anymore, but I was for most of my time in college and I had 3-4 tablespoons of hemp hearts a day because of the protein especially.


That’s great, Cherlyn. Do you have any parting wisdom to share with our readers who might be looking for ways to add a little more balance to their stressful lives this fall?
Always start simple. Try drinking a little more water or making one meal a day a salad or a smoothie. I believe all foods can fit into a healthy diet, so you can still eat your indulgences but eating them all the time isn’t going to make you feel well. So balance it out with simple, healthy foods.

We all know everyone can use more simple, plant-based foods from the earth in their diet. Work more of those in, and then don’t stress if you want french fries and ice cream sometimes. Adding hemp-derived CBD to your daily wellness routine is another great way to augment some of those other self-care practices.

Find more plant-based recipes and health and wellness tips from Cherlyn at or on Instagram at @wildlywholesome.


The information provided is for informational purposes only. None of the information provided here should be considered medical advice or treatment recommendations. Consult with your health care provider if you have questions about incorporating CBD into your wellness regimen.