Four Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Breakfast Routine

Breakfast is an important meal: it can help set the tone and energy for the rest of the day. A delicious, nutritious breakfast can start us off on the right track. A lot of us, however, don’t have the time to put in extra effort, and might be getting a little bored with breakfast. No problem! Sometimes all it takes to get in the a.m. groove is to make some simple adjustments to your morning routine - including by adding some CBD! 

Treat Yourself with Fancy Coffee or Tea

We love our coffee and tea, but without access to fancy machines, what options do we have besides basic coffee at home or a spendy coffee shop pick-me-up? Quite a few, it turns out! Handheld milk frothers are much more affordable than hefty machines. You can also keep some caramel syrup and cinnamon on hand in the kitchen. Put them together and you can quickly and easily treat yourself to a homemade cinnamon caramel latte!. Also, a cup of tea with a touch of citrus and a bit of maple syrup is bound to bring a morning smile. Consider enhancing that coffee or tea with a serving of CBD oil.

The CBD Jump-Start

Another terrific way to jump-start the day is to add a few drops of CBD oil to your breakfast smoothies. It’s not just hot, caffeinated breakfast drinks that would benefit from the introduction of CBD! With the right ingredients, a smoothie can prove a delicious, nutritious breakfast option on its own—then kick it up a notch by adding some CBD oil. Brightening your day just as it begins has never been easier.

Healthy but Indulge a Bit

Blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes slathered with butter and drowning in maple syrup with a side of bacon for breakfast never doesn't seem like a great idea. However, it’s not a great idea to indulge quite that much every day. Instead, opt for the best of both worlds. Consider the following delicious, healthy breakfast options, all of which would also pair well with a serving of CBD oil:

  • A fruit salad
  • A creamy fruit smoothie
  • A parfait made with a mix of berries, yogurt, and granola
  • A bowl of your favorite fruit in cream (in moderation)
  • A bowl of granola with your choice of milk

'Treat Yourself' Day

More generally, consider making one day a week an indulgent 'treat yourself' day. Perhaps Monday! We could all benefit from starting our weeks with an extra helping of something delicious. With some great coffee or tea, a great breakfast, and a touch of CBD, the morning can be yours for the taking.