Four Tips for Beating the Midday Slump

There’s something about the post-lunch afternoon hours that just seems to sap energy and motivation. No one likes to be sleepy in the middle of the day, and when you’re sluggish, you are simply not operating at full capacity. Consider the following tips for beneficial midday pick-me-ups to promote balance and wellness while giving you a little extra boost.

Get the Blood Pumping

Exercise is great for increasing energy and improving your mood. But some days, particularly when you’re in the midst of a brain-drain energy slump, putting in a session at the gym seems like an impossible goal. The thing about exercise is that making ourselves do it is the tough part. When you do exercise, it’s invigorating and lends you energy for the day ahead, but it can be difficult to remember that when you just can't to work up the willpower to hit the gym. To help work up that motivation, consider a serving of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil with a light, healthy lunch. The gym isn't really your thing? Try an engaging activity you enjoy—put in 45 minutes on a climbing wall, do some laps in a pool, play racquetball, or just take a walk outside.

The Lunchtime Nap

There’s not much better evidence that the midday slump is a universal condition than the existence of the siesta. In many countries, especially where it’s hot, people respond to the doldrums of the midday slump by choosing sleep through it. Consider blocking your lunchtime off, no meetings, no group treks to the local deli, instead grab a bite to eat and take a power nap. Lunchtime is your time! Squeeze a nap in for a quick brain recharge - even a short 10-15 minutes can be a great kickstart.

A CBD Boost

Consider a quick lunchtime boost in the form of CBD. Manitoba Harvest makes it easy to have quick access CBD on the go - from our CBD oil tinctures to our CBD sprays and CBD softgels - so there's no excuse not to have some at the ready in your purse or desk! CBD oil is an easy and effective way to kick your day up that extra notch.

Try Some Gentle Tea with an Added Treat

If you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine intake but still struggle with afternoon slumps, giving up coffee can feel difficult. Instead of reaching for the coffee pot, opt for an afternoon tea wakeup. If you still need a little bit of caffeine, many teas will have less than coffee, but be sure to check because it won’t always be the case. Or, you could opt for a low-caffeine or caffeine-free tea, with vibrant fruits or herbs to give you a gentler way to recharge your batteries. One great way to add a little extra treat to your tea is by including CBD oil for a balance-promoting afternoon beverage. 


The information provided is for informational purposes only. None of the information provided here should be considered medical advice or treatment recommendations. Consult with your health care provider if you have questions about incorporating CBD into your wellness regimen.