Rooted in Values: Our Commitment to Sustainability and Accountability from Seed to Shelf

Hand holding seeds with hemp in background

As longtime evangelists of the health-boosting power of hemp, we’re delighted to be seeing more and more people realizing how CBD can support their mental and physical wellbeing. But this wave has also brought with it increasing uncertainty about who consumers can trust to make safe, quality products that align with their values. At Manitoba Harvest, we understand that caring for people’s health goes hand-in-hand with nurturing the health of the Earth, as well as the farmers who cultivate it.

From our founding twenty-one years ago, everything we’ve done has been based on improving people’s lives through the power of hemp. We have been, and continue to be, a hemp foods company in addition to more recently also offering Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. What we’ve learned through hemp food production is now informing the kind of CBD and cannabinoid products we offer and how we make them.

Our food model can be described in pretty basic terms: seed to shelf. That means growing from a pedigreed hemp seed supply, with full traceability and accountability from the time the plants are put into the ground by our network of trusted Canadian farmers until our products such as Hemp Hearts and Protein Powder hit the market.

One of the things we value the most in this process is our relationships with growers. We like to think we cultivate the farmers with whom we work with the same care and affection that they tend their plants. We’ve been working with some of our growers since the 1990s. We know them and their families, and we have a screening process for each family grower who applies to join our network of hemp producers.

Each of our growers has to meet very high standards of food quality and food safety, and to conform to the best agronomic practices. That means no herbicide or pesticide usage in the hemp crop—that’s written into the contracts all of our growers sign. And that also means we supply agronomic coaching for field selection and crop rotation and getting things done on the farm without the help of potentially harmful chemicals. We work with growers on seed fertility practices and the details of organic certification. We’re a resource for them because we rely on one another.

Every summer we try to get our growers together in person to talk about Manitoba Harvest, agronomy updates, and how everyone has been doing in general. We’ll usually reach out a little bit in advance and tap one of our growers to see if they’d be interested in hosting that year’s get-together. We bring the food and everyone catches up over some BBQ. Whoever is hosting that year will take us all on a tour of the fields and the crops, and we all share our knowledge as well as the good feeling that we’re in a community that cares about the products we make and feels proud to see them on the shelves of local stores.

We call our farmers Grower Partners for good reason. We’re a regular buyer of hemp, and we pride ourselves on helping growers make a stable living while adhering to best farming practices. They know they’re working with the leader in the hemp industry, and that we’re committed to everyone’s well-being—from the grower to our own employees to the people who buy our trusted products.

This is the kind of philosophy we’re bringing to our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract products with CBD. It’s a new and exciting marketplace, and it’s evolving quickly in terms of growing and production, not to mention regulation and oversight.

At this moment, because of the complexities of international laws and regulations, we’re sourcing the hemp for our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract from American growers that use organic growing practices, looking for those who share our values and approach. We’re applying the requirements of our status as a certified B-Corp as well as our BRC (British Retail Consortium) AA+ food safety certification as a qualifier for all of our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract suppliers. Anyone who is going to be approved to supply components of our BSHE has to meet these high-level, stringent external standards.

All of our products also meet our self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status, and all the growers we work with grow under an approved program. The Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract products we’re putting on the market meet the very high standards we’ve set over the last quarter century. We wouldn’t think of putting our name on the labels if they fell even slightly short. Even more importantly, in the coming years we’ll be working to match that seed-to-shelf, relationship-driven culture that’s made us who we are: transparent, accountable, sustainable, and trusted.

We do it because it’s the right way to do things, and because it’s good business. We’re in this to change the world through the power of hemp, and we’re in it for the long haul. We feel really fortunate to have so much experience in hemp production as a food manufacturer, and we know our history of sustainable and responsible practices will set our customers’ minds at ease, allowing them to trust that they’re in good hands.

Because life is stressful enough. That’s one reason so many are turning to hemp-derived goodness in the first place. They shouldn’t have to worry about the quality and safety of the CBD products they choose, and with Manitoba Harvest, they never will.


The information provided is for informational purposes only. None of the information provided here should be considered medical advice or treatment recommendations. Consult with your health care provider if you have questions about incorporating CBD into your wellness regimen.