Setting Your Intentions for a Bright 2020 with the Help of CBD

We are so over picking New Year’s resolutions. Writing down a list of stuff we should or should not be doing in a brand new year feels like it comes more from a place of guilt than from growth. If “go to the gym twice a week” is on your 2020 resolutions list, that must be because you didn’t do it enough in 2019. And if you don’t accomplish that goal – which, let’s be real, is hard! – then you feel guilty for letting yourself down.

Setting a Purposeful Intention

Resolutions can be more stressful than inspirational. And when it comes to introducing positive changes in our lives, we need all the inspiration we can get. That’s why we’ve started moving away from firm decision-based resolutions to more creative and mindful “intentions.”

Maybe you’ve set intentions before. At the beginning of a yoga class, many teachers ask you to set an intention. This isn’t something to which you attach an expectation (I will do this!) or an evaluation (I will do this better!). Rather, intentions must come from your heart and evoke a feeling of purpose.

Rather than the tangible “lose 10 pounds” or “pay off car loan,” think of intentions as guiding principles for how you want to show up in the world. Ask yourself: what matters most to you? Your answer could help form the seeds of a powerful intention, like “open my heart,” “let go of fear,” or “work toward staying steady, calm, and focused.”

CBD and the Power of Introspection

What role could CBD play in your efforts toward setting powerful, effective intentions this year? Making CBD part of your everyday wellness has the first and simplest effect of welcoming routine into your life. Subscribing to a daily routine – even if it’s as simple as taking a CBD softgel in the morning after you wake up or enjoying a dropper or two of peppermint CBD oil when you sit down at your desk – makes you more aware, more mindful of yourself.

So take a few moments during your daily CBD time to focus inward and think about you. How are you hoping to feel today? What kinds of things could happen today that would let you lay your head down at night with the warm-fuzzy feeling that you had a great day? Is there an intention you can set, like “take care of yourself,” “move more, move daily,” or “be a good listener,” that could guide you toward that warm-fuzzy? Make a habit of tying your daily “my thoughts about me” moment with your CBD routine, and soon it’ll feel like second nature.

Calm the Mind and Embrace Your Progress with CBD

CBD has a close, personal relationship with your body’s Endocannabinoid System. One of the benefits of that relationship is that CBD can help calm your busy mind and ease the pressures of everyday life. Which is great, because a more zen mind is better equipped to set the intention, put actions in motion that are consistent with that goal, and most importantly: recognize and appreciate successes. Give yourself a little high five for your hard work!

Show Your Body Love with CBD

Maybe your intention centers on taking better care of your physical self. And putting that intention into practice might mean taking on some new activities that you haven’t made part of your habits yet – walking, running, yoga, whatever helps you feel like you’re making positive steps toward that intention. CBD will be there to help hardworking muscles feel better after a new or different workout. Everyday aches are unnecessarily distracting, and CBD can help provide relief from them. A warm bath and some CBD oil can soothe an achy body after a long day. Your intentions can be as much for your body as for your mind, heart, and soul!

We hope all of you have a healthy and happy 2020, no matter what intentions are driving you!


The information provided is for informational purposes only. None of the information provided here should be considered medical advice or treatment recommendations. Consult with your health care provider if you have questions about incorporating CBD into your wellness regimen.