10 Health & Wellness Podcasts You Should be Listening to Now

Health & Wellness PodcastsListening to podcasts is a fun and entertaining way to get health, fitness, and wellness tips no matter where you are. We love listening to them while we’re getting work done, driving in the car, or just relaxing at home. There are so many awesome podcasts available and they’re almost all free! Here are our top 10 favourite health and wellness podcasts that you should start listening to now.

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  1. The Ultimate Health Podcast

Hosts: Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman

Topics: Health, fitness, nutrition, superfoods, meditation, and spirituality.

Why You Should Listen: Jesse and Marni (who you might recognize from our One Minute With Marni videos) share lots of awesome information about current health trends and interview world-class experts.

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  1. The No Sugarcoating Podcast

Hosts: Leanne Vogel and Amber Romaniuk

Topics: Women’s health, keto, hormones, nutrition, and self-love.

Why You Should Listen: Leanne from Healthful Pursuit (one of our favourite blogs) and Amber give lots of great information about the keto diet and share great tips for learning to love the body you have.

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  1. Nutrition Diva

Host: Monica Reinagel

Topic: Nutrition.

Why You Should Listen: Monica gives tons of simple and easy tips for how to eat healthier and live your best life.

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  1. Take Out With Ashley and Robin

Hosts: Ashley Koff and Robyn O’Brien

Topics: Nutrition, fitness, and health tips.

Why You Should Listen: Ashley and Robyn interview tons of experts and inspiring people including our very own CEO Mike Fata.

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  1. The Lively Show

Host: Jess Lively

Topics: Wellness, positivity, relationships, and advice.

Why You Should Listen: Jess shares amazing tips for how to be happy and successful in all areas of your life including your relationships and career.

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  1. On Air With Ella

Host: Ella

Topics: Wellness, nutrition, fitness, and confidence.

Why You Should Listen: Ella chats with lots of experts and gives you tips on how to be healthy but still have fun.

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  1. The Art of Epic Wellness

Host: Nicole Keating

Topics: Alternative health, holistic nutrition, and wellness.

Why You Should Listen: Nicole inspires you to take control of your health journey through her interviews with health gurus, trail blazers, and people who have overcome disease.

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  1. Beauty Inside & Out

Host: Kimberly Snyder

Topics: Health, beauty, yoga, spirituality, nutrition, and fitness.

Why You Should Listen: Kimberly shares tips from her successful books The Beauty Detox Power, The Beauty Detox Foods, and The Beauty Detox Solution and teaches you how “outer beauty is a reflection of inner health.”

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  1. Earn Your Happy

Host: Lori Harder

Topics: Motivation, self-love, entrepreneurship, confidence, fitness, and life coaching.

Why You Should Listen: Lori interviews inspirational guests, shares motivational stories, and teaches you how to elevate your life.

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  1. Let it Out with Katie Dalebout

Host: Katie Dalebout

Topics: Holistic living, body image, and spirituality.

Why You Should Listen: Katie chats with bloggers, authors, yogis, entrepreneurs and coaches who share their journeys and leave you feeling motivated.