Hemp 101

A Very Versatile Plant

Hemp is a dual-use crop. The stalk of the hemp plants can be used for textiles and hemp fibre products. At the very top of the plant, you’ll find whole hemp seeds that are primarily used to make a wide range of hemp food products.

As for the rest of the plant, under the Canadian Industrial Hemp Regulation only hemp seed can be harvested. Derivatives or products made from the whole hemp plant, including sprouts, leaves, flowers, or bracts, are NOT permitted. Hemp leaves or flowers must remain in the field, to be worked back into the soil. In other parts of the world, hemp leaves may be consumed as a dried tea or extracted for juice. Leaves are not recommended to be eaten raw like a salad green, as they can be hard to digest.


Fun Fact!

Did you know that the Queen of England apparently beds her horses on hemp hurd? Hemp animal bedding is known for being extremely absorbent and helps cut down odours. Plus it’s not as dusty as other materials often used so respiratory health is improved, which is particularly important for thoroughbred horses.
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