Hemp Hearts

Hemp Hearts (a.k.a shelled hemp seeds) are at the heart of all our hemp foods. Great tasting, easy to use, and nutritious, Hemp Hearts are an excellent way to add some extra YUM to your meals.

Hemp Hearts vs. Chia and Flax Seeds

Hemp Yeah! Granola

Our simple, great-tasting Hemp Yeah! Granola will keep you full by delivering a HEMP-tastic protein punch! Add it to your yogurt, try it with your favourite non-dairy milk, or eat it on its own!

Hemp Heart Bites

Need some hemp goodness on the go? Try our Hemp Heart Bites in three delicious flavours. They provide all the nutrition of hemp in the convenience of a portable snack.

Hemp Yeah! Plant Protein Blend

New Hemp Yeah! Plant Protein Blend is a delicious blend of hemp and pea protein that’s packed with 20 grams of plant-based protein and tastes great when simply mixed with your favourite non-dairy beverage or blended into any smoothie recipe!

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Hemp Yeah! Hemp Protein Powder

HempPro is now Hemp Yeah! Our original line of protein powders are made exclusively with hemp protein for a delicious and simple option packed with protein, omegas, and fibre.

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Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, one of our very first products, is a raw, cold-pressed, vegan-friendly oil that contains omegas without any additives or colouring.

Hemp Bliss

If you think your almond milk latte tastes good, wait until you try one made with hemp milk! Our Hemp Bliss is exactly that… bliss!

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