Why I Choose Manitoba Harvest As My Only Hemp Foods Brand

By Leanne Vogel, founder of Healthful Pursuit.

Many people have asked me why I love Manitoba Harvest so much. For me, I have to say it comes down to me believing not only in the quality of their business practices, but their relationship with the local region, the accessibility of their product, the organic options they offer, how their goals line up with those of Healthful Pursuit, and their outstanding commitment to top-notch product quality.

For those of you who are not familiar with Manitoba Harvest, they are a company located in Manitoba, Canada started by a man who decided he needed to make a big change in his lifestyle. Once he discovered the amazing nutritional impact hemp seeds have, he started this business to help others reach their health goals as well.

Manitoba Harvest is a responsible business that supports the local economy in Manitoba, Canada. They are the world’s largest hemp foods manufacturer of their own products. The people at Manitoba Harvest understand the relationship between a business and the local area, so they make sure they participate in sustainable farming practices.

While Manitoba Harvest is a great business for the local area, they are also accessible to basically anywhere and everywhere. You can order on sites like Amazon, Thrive Market, and even Walmart! Not only that, but they are incredibly friendly and go above and beyond to ensure your experience is top-notch. I think we could all use a little more of that, am I right?

Of course, the company’s goals aligning with those of Healthful Pursuit’s mission is absolutely vital. My mission to help people love their bodies, nourish those bodies with healthy fats, enjoy eating, and not feel restricted by the food they eat is completely supported by Manitoba Harvest’s products and business practices. They truly believe in supporting a healthy lifestyle that does not restrict, but frees everyone to live life to the fullest. They even have a Hemp Academy to educate the public about the amazing qualities of hemp seeds and address common misconceptions. I can definitely get behind a business like that.

As far as the quality of their products go, they do not skimp in the slightest. Their crops are non-GMO project verified and are free from pesticides and herbicides due to the fact that the hemp plant naturally suppresses weeds. Also, hemp seeds are packed with protein, all of the essential amino acids, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids… a recipe for a healthy keto fat-fueled body! Not to mention that they have some great organic options. To make sure that each of their products are consistent with their standard of top quality, they do a minimum of 34 tests before those products go to market… talk about dedication to quality!

I would say take my word for it, but I encourage you to check Manitoba Harvest out for yourself and make your own decision. I have done the research and have used their hemp seeds in a ton of my recipes on Healthful Pursuit, but I definitely recommend trying them out and letting us all know what you think!


Written by Leanne Vogel. Leanne is the founder of Healthful Pursuit, best-selling author of over 11 health programs, host of The Keto Diet Podcast, author of the International Bestselling Book, The Keto Diet, and the creator of Fat Fueled living - a holistic, paleo- friendly approach to a ketogenic, high-fat diet. She has been in the field of nutrition since receiving her holistic nutrition certification in 2007. Leanne shares free videos, podcasts, recipes and keto-friendly resources on her blog, Healthful Pursuit.